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Introducing EximInsight Export Club

by | Aug 19, 2017 | EximInsight Club | 1 comment

Exim Insight Club is an online club created by Exim Insight on Facebook where we will exchange our ideas & experiences, will share our real time inputs and learn lot on exports & Imports.

To become a member of this club, all you need is to fill this form and explore the horizon.

This club is mainly created for newcomers and those who will be willing to learn how to export and import for free and would like to become a successfull exporter.

To make the group great, few expert exporters with real time export experiences including me will be here on the board to impart us their knowledge and great experiences earned during the process of handling their own shipments over a period of time.

This group will consist of newbie, mid level and experienced exporters to come together at one platform and learn with each other and will become a family of exporters.

What you can learn from this club in brief;

1- step by step process of how to export and import

2- What all licences are required to start an export company

3- what all the documentations involved in the process of export and Import

4- how you can find out suitable products for export or import

5- How you can find out suitable market for your product

6- How you can find out overseas buyers for your products

7- how you can find out your competitors and tips to compete with them

8- how you can export your existing products you are already selling in the domestic market

There would be many more on the board to learn

Yes, the most important things are you will learn all these for FREE