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World’s top 10 export products

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Export | 0 comments

An exporter needs to know export products ranked in top 10 to have a fair idea that will help him choose a suitable product to export.

Top export products indicate to its demands. If the demand is more and supply is not adequate, it creates an opportunity for us to explore and try to export few of those top exports. The chances of success to export top export products are more.

Being an exporter, having an eye on demands and its supplies are most desired to get updated on world`s top export products and market demands.

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As mentioning top 10 export products here is worth, similarly listing down top exporters for these products is also very important.

To keep it short, I have mentioned top 10 export products and top 5 exporting countries for each product.

#1- Electrical machinery and equipment, and its parts

The total export value of the product is $ 2325.746 billion and exported by top five exporting countries are China – 23.8% of world exports, Hong Kong – 11.2% of world exports, United States of America – 7.2% of world exports, Germany – 5.8% of world exports and Korea with Share of 5.77% in the world exports.

#2- Machinery, mechanical appliances, nuclear reactors, boilers and parts

The entire exports counted $ 1884.069 billion exported by the top five countries in terms of shares of world exports for the product are China – 18.2% shares, Germany – 11.8% shares, USA – 10.1% shares, Japan – 6.6% shares and Italy – 4.9% shares.

#3- Mineral fuels, mineral oils, and products of their distillation; bituminous substances; mineral

$1521.861 billion is the entire exports of the world topped in export shares by Saudi Arabia – 10.8% Shares, Russian Federation – 8.9%, USA – 6.2%, UAE – 4.6% Shares and Canada – 4.1% shares.

#4- Vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling stock, and parts and accessories thereof

The entire exports show $ 1341.234 billion topped in export shares by 5 countries; Germany – 18.2 % Shares, Japan – 10.6% shares, USA – 9.3% shares, Mexico – 6.6% shares and Canada – 4.8% shares.

#5- Natural or cultured pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, precious metals, metals clad

$ 638.001 billion is the total exports topped in shares of export by Switzerland – 15.4% shares, Hong Kong China – 13.2% shares, USA – 9% shares, India – 6.6% Shares and UAE – 5.7%.

#6- Plastics and articles thereof

The entire exports of the product are $ 542.895 billion exported by the world and topped by China – 11.5%, Germany – 11.4%, USA – 10.8%, Korea – 5.1% and Belgium – 5%.

#7- Optical, photographic, cinematographic, measuring, checking, precision, medical or surgical

$534.658 billion is the entire exports made by the world and the exporting countries are USA – 15.3% shares, China – 12.6% shares, Germany – 12.2% shares, Japan – 6.7% shares and Korea – 5.2% shares.

#8- Pharmaceutical products

$504.653 billion shows the total export and top 5 exporters are Germany – 15.3% shares, Switzerland – 13.4% shares, USA – 9.3% shares, Belgium – 8.3% shares and United Kingdom 6.5% shares.

#9-Organic chemicals

$348.931 billion is exported by the world and top 5 countries are China – 12.1% shares, USA – 9.7% shares, Belgium – 8.9% shares, Ireland – 7.9% shares and Germany – 7.3% shares.

#10- Aircraft, spacecraft and its parts

$328.884 billion is the entire export topped by countries as exporters; USA – 40.9% shares, France – 16.2% shares, Germany – 13.5% shares, United Kingdom – 6.4% shares and Canada – 3.1% shares.

The data shown above looks very interesting and will give an insight to the exporter to have overview handy of word exports into the world and top 5 countries of each in terms of world export shares.


The statistics provided above is taken from 2016 data. The data looks very interesting and gives us the insight to have an overview handy knowledge of word exports from world to world and top 5 countries of each product along with world export shares.

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